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Port Arthur Victims.

Below are the names of the victims of the Port Arthur Massacre, who we will all be remembering this Friday.

Winifred Joyce Aplin, 58, Banksia Park, South Australia
Walter John Bennett, 66, Diamond Creek, Victoria
Nicole Louise Burgess, 17, Koonya, Tasmania
Sou Leng Chung, 32, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Elva Rhonda Gaylard, 48, Hamlyn Heights, Victoria
Zoe Anne Hall, 28, Sylvania, NSW
Elizabeth Jayne Howard, 27 Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania
Mary Elizabeth Howard, 57, Dunnstown, Victoria
Mervyn John Howard, 55, Dunnstown, Victoria
Ronald Noel Jary, 71, Redcliffs, Victoria
Tony Vadivelu Kistan, 51, Summer Hill, NSW
Leslie Dennis Lever, 53, Redcliffs, Victoria
Sarah Kate Loughton, 15, Ferntree Gully, Victoria
David Martin, 72, Port Arthur, Tasmania
Noelene Joyce (Sally) Martin, 69, Port Arthur, Tasmania
Pauline Virjeana Masters, 49, West Ivanhoe, Victoria
Alannah Louise Mikac, 6, Nubeena, Tasmania
Madeline Grace Mikac, 3, Nubeena, Tasmania
Nanette Patricia Mikac, 36, Nubeena, Tasmania
Andrew Bruce Mills, 49, Mornington, Tasmania
Peter Brenton Nash, 32, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria
Gwenda Joan Neander, 67, Parafield Gardens, South Australia
Mo Yee William Ng, 48, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Anthony Nightingale, 44, Keysborough, Victoria
Mary Rose Nixon, 60, Crabtree, Tasmania
Glenn Roy Pears, 35, Neutral Bay, NSW
Russell James Pollard, 72, Brunswick Heads, NSW
Janette Quin, 50, Bicheno, Tasmania
Helene Maria Salzmann, 50, Ocean Shores, NSW
Robert Salzmann, 58, Ocean Shores, NSW
Kate Elizabeth Scott, 21, Balga, Western Australia
Kevin Vincent Sharp, 68, Kilmore, Victoria
Raymond John Sharp, 67, Kilmore, Victoria
Royce William Thompson, 59, Kingston Beach, Tasmania
Jason Bernard Winter, 29, New Town, Tasmania

Society’s Rightly Ostracised Scum Want Pizza.

After the last prison riot in Hobart ended ‘peacefully’, with the State turning over pizza to convicted criminals, the Tasmanian prison system was put back into fine form, right?


Another 'protest' has broken out at Risdon Prison over ‘substandard conditions

Despite the fact that the prisoners are locked down, and have no hostages- staff or otherwise- “negotiations” are already underway.

What is to negotiate?

These people are convicted criminals- society’s rightly ostracised scum and vermin. The only negotiation should be between custodial officers and State police, to decide who will storm the cons, and beat the living s*** out of them.

The real (ALP controlled) State, however, has no doubt decided already to appease these criminals. A spokesman had this to say:

"All that [the Criminal scum have] got with them are the contents of their cells. I believe they have asked for some takeaway food, I think it was pizza."

This shouldn’t have even had time to get into the news before someone took control of the situation.

For more on the previous siege, see here.

UPDATE: WMD’s used to put down Risdon scum.

“The inmates had been making demands involving nutrition and the packaging of food, exercise activity and dental treatment”, according to a spokesman.

The state of dental care in Tasmania is dismal. Convicted criminals should be the lowest priority.

We’ll (try and remember to) post on the letters to the editor section of tomorrow’s Mercury.

‘Dickensian’ Prison.

‘Prisoners rebelling’.


UTAS’ Dr Caroline Evans notes that Risdon Prison is “very uncomfortable”, and not at all suited to the local Tasmanian climate (beautiful one day, stormy the next).

The little inmate Intifida must be a result of the weather, eh?

Holly Valance Fashion statement.

(Yes, I edited- poorly- the bottom picture.)

Insert leftist babble here: blah, blah, the hammer and sickle is a symbol of the working class or some such, comparing it to the swastika is wrong- besides, the swastika doesn’t belong to the Nazis, blah blah...

Both the swastika and the soviet- and Chinese- hammer and sickle have come to represent the most deplorable regimes ever to have existed, despite their origins. Valance knows this.

Fuck you, Holly.

Hugo Chavez- darling of the left.

While Chavez scores political points every time he has a piss and a moan about George Bush or Tony Blair, his country is suffering under a media crackdown, with the mainstream left turning a blind eye (a b-grade example is Antony Loewenstein. The failed trainee, who tries to represent himself as some kind of media expert, conveniently ignores the true Chavez government to avoid de-legitimising his anti-American ally).

Pasted below are a few highlights (rather- lowlights) from an article by Roger Atwood, recently published in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, showing the extent to which Chavez is ruining press freedom in his country. If you’d like a PDF copy, send us an email (preferably to Stewie, at his ‘new_student1986’ address).

New, so-called insult laws (...) have already blunted some of the harshest criticisms of the government among opinion writers (and) created a pernicious climate of self-censorship among reporters that has begun to affect the quality of coverage and public debate”. Page 26.

The new restrictions have come into force in a context of growing intolerance of dissent by the government (…) Page 26.

Virtually every prominent public official in Venezuela is now legally entitled to seek redress for any speech or text deemed offensive or disrespectful, whether true or not. Page 27.

By enshrining the ability to challenge opinion in court with heavy fines for offenders, the law seems aimed at creating a climate inimical to the airing of any critical opinion. Page 27.

The Supreme Court is dominated by Chavez appointees. Page 27.

New legislation, introduced by the Chavez government, threatens jail (sic) of up to ten years for any public act that raises the ‘danger of a serious accident (siniestro), a vague and completely subjective definition that could include causing traffic jams. Page 27.

If the goal (of the Chavez government) was to encourage news organizations to silence anti-government rhetoric without resorting to the unpalatable task of taking them to court, it would seem to be succeeding. Page 28.

Hector Faundez, a media law expert at the Universidad Central in Caracas, points out that the kinds of attacks that Tony Blair faced daily during his campaign for reelection as British prime minister would be illegal in Venezuela. A televised debate between Chavez and his election opponents seems impossible because television stations would be liable for any offensive statements uttered by the challengers about Chavez. The reverse, however, would not be true. Pages 28 to 29.

One journalist was charged with violating state secrecy laws by reporting on documents given to her by a source, while an investigative reporter for El Universal was arrested on what appeared to be trumped-up charges of financial fraud. In addition, a television news channel, Globovision (…), has been hit with huge fines from the national telecommunications authority, CONATEL, for a variety of supposed infractions since 2002. Given these examples, it is reasonable to conclude that the government has embarked on a systematic campaign of legal harassment against media whose coverage it does not like. Page 29.

Another arrow in the government’s fast growing quiver of ways to manipulate news coverage is its frequent use of mandatory national broadcasts (…). On an almost daily basis, the government requires all stations, public and private, to break into their regular programming and transmit information as ordered by the government. This happens often while private stations are showing prime-time news broadcasts. Sometimes the information has news value, such as a speech by Chavez, but more often it is simply a commercial for a government initiative or event (one such superfluous broadcast was of Chavez attending Fidel Castro’s birthday party, the two presidents looking like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza as they toasted each other.) Page 30.

State-run television channels (…) remain abject propaganda services for the Chavez government, regularly attacking the president’s designated enemies and opposition figures in news reporting while excluding dissenting opinions. Page 31.

Chavez supporters are nothing more than a leftist flock of dodos, singing a pro-socialist, anti-American tune. Atwood’s, brave, full article puts it best (heh, heh), however, rather than these snippets we’ve offered.


Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi looks to have lost his job.

(The opposition) prevailed after a vitriolic election campaign in which he highlighted unemployment, crime, the economy and the war in Iraq, blaming Mr Berlusconi for involving Italy in the US-led coalition.

Two thieving little shits were tortured by a “porn king”. Not sure if he taped it.

Greg Phillips beat one of the thieves with a bat, put a plastic bag over his head, and used bolt cutters to bash another of the men. The Porn king then dumped the thieves at a police station, leaving his details. If they take anything away from this, apart from scars, lets hope it's respect for private property.

“Let the bragging rights battle begin”

The Muslim jihad against cars has fired up again- this time in Israel.

[...] three Palestinian youths from the Issawiya, north of Jerusalem, were arrested on suspicion of throwing 70 firebombs at Israeli vehicles.

Spot the Difference.

“We (Jews) believe in life. No matter how diverse we are in observance, we observe the ancient ban and don’t sacrifice our children to Moloch. We love them and hope to bring them up, as is recited at the circumcision ceremony: to good deeds and to the wedding canopy, in hopeful expectation of life. Of grandchildren.”

Zoltan and Adi SchwartzSurvivors.

Tassie bloggers.

Tasmanian bloggers seem pretty difficult to hunt down. I’m guessing because of decades of harassment by our mainland counterparts, some have become ashamed of our birthplace and try and hide it. Apparently we have a lot to be ashamed of- incest usually tops the list, then a well-worn joke about having two heads, which I’m sorry to say only gets less funny each time it's used.

There is also the more political issue, that is- the accusation that colonial Tasmania (Van Diemen’s Land, for the uninitiated) saw the ‘genocide’, or ‘slaughter’ of peaceful, defenceless Aborigines or some such. As with the copious amounts of incest and our additional heads, this is not the case.

The point of this post, though, is simply to link to a few of my betters in the blogosphere- not discuss colonial history.

Bug and Cecilia

I have no idea what this blog is about. It is, however, Tasmanian- and that’s what counts.

Little Mr Square Eyes

He’s a Hobart blogger with a focus on the idiot box.


Jaisen is based in Burnie. His profile confesses he is an Arts student.

Georgie Weston

As the URL suggests, Weston’s blog centres around food. Oddly enough, for a Hobart blogger, Weston also seems fond of the North.

If you’re a Tassie blogger, send me your site details and I’ll put them on this post (linked at the sidebar).

Apologies to the above people as well, I didn’t give them a choice in the matter (and you still don’t have one)!

Vote for me, or you’re a testicle.

Silvio Berlusconi branded anyone who would vote for his “centre-left” opponents “coglioni”.

"I have too much esteem for the intelligence of Italians to think that they could be such 'coglioni' to vote against their own interests," he said.

"Excuse my rough but efficient language."

Apparently, coglioni means ‘testicles’ in Italian. The word is often used figuratively to label someone a fool, cretin, moron or idiot.

Below is a basic list of Australian coglioni.

Andrew Bartlett

Bob Brown

Pegg Putt

(Hobart Mayor) Rob Valentine

(historian) Henry Reynolds

Thom Lyons

Just about everyone here

... But especially Liam Hogan- what a little turd

Antony Loewenstein

Margo Kingston

Make sure you use coglioni in a sentence at least once this week, and repeating this story doesn’t count.


I’m really sick of the Socialist Alliance coglioni that gather around the campus like a bad smell.

Rational Argument.

What happens when you go searching for rational argument at Crazy Ant’s blog?

You get this response:

Oh no! You're looking for something which just isn't here! […]

Heh heh.