Antony Loewenstein, Being Gay.

Loewenstein recently posted the following (his links not included, far too lazy):

The State Department recently released its annual list of gay-hating nations:

1) Uganda

2) Iran

3) Egypt

4) Saudi Arabia

5) Nigeria

6) United Arab Emirates

7) Cameroon

8) Poland

9) Nepal

10) India

Homophobic violence is on the rise in many nations, not least in Poland. The story of Krystian Legierski, a Polish-born black gay activist, is a source of both inspiration and concern. Is Poland’s anti-Semitic past now being supplanted by rampant homophobia?

I tried to post at his site but, as always, it is still “awaiting moderation”:

I've also emailed the boy, to ask why he would not publish the comment...

And yes- it is rather humorous that the page title reads;
Being gay >> Antony Loewenstein. Especially so with those little arrows.

Update: Ooops. Lowy's links are included. My bad.

Guantanamo Playtime.

The problem with suicide-homicide bombers is the homicide bit. It wouldn’t worry many in Israel if Muslim terrorists decided to head out to the Jezreel Valley and ‘protest’ the presence of the Jews on Allah’s soil by blowing themselves up. It’s when they take other lives that this form of ‘protest’ becomes a problem, a threat, to the Western world.

But what happens when you remove any potential for terrorists to kill others?

Unfortunately, US policy steps in.

Still having trouble with them-there fancy words, Ant?

Antony Loewenstein, apparently, hasn’t taken notice of advice dispensed by James Waterton not too long ago.

Lowy, the failed SMH book-reviewing trainee cadet apprentice thing’o, still doesn’t see a distinction between ‘censor’, and ‘censure’ after all this time, and seriously believes RWDB’s are out to put a stop to crazy US lefties voicing rubbish opinions, rather than simply point them out.

Super dodo!

Hobart shooting.

This story will greatly upset members and families of the Tasmanian police service, and the public in general.

A Hobart shooting has left a sergeant in a critical condition and revealed just how useless the Port Arthur-inspired gun laws are. Take comfort in the fact that a suspect has been detained, and the new building (when completed) at Risdon should hold the bastard.

For Tasmanians, the shooting is a sad contrast to the freeing of miners Todd Russel and Brant Webb- whose story has captivated much of Australia- including the Tasmanian Times, which apparently offers a “challenge to the mass media's obsession with popularity, superficiality and celebrity”.

Let's hope Sgt. Cooper recovers fully, and his attacker gets what he deserves.

Controversial Nancy Boy.

As someone who only started reading the Herald Sun’s Andrew Bolt recently (over the last few months), I thought it prudent to invest in a copy of The Best of Andrew Bolt.

Having only flicked through it, I already believe that I spent $25.00 well.

I could have picked up and downed a cheap, nasty, bottle of vodka.

I could have put the $25 into my printing account and printed a bunch of copies of this to leave around the Uni’s Arts building.

I could have picked up margonaut’s door-stop to burn in front of Socialist Alliance/Green dodo’s next time they congregate outside the Morris Miller library to protest Australian democracy, eh, the hoWARd Government.

But I didn’t. And I’m sure none of the above would be as good as reading some classic Bolt- although I must admit, a combination of all three would have been fun.

UPDATE: 7/10 Guerrilla conservatives recommend The Best of Andrew Bolt:

Absolute fool.

Either this comment is a poor parody of a Marxist, or Glenn Condell is a dodo.

As we noted earlier, Venezuela is controlled by a deplorable leftist hell bent on destroying the individual’s liberty (but hey, aren’t they all?)

Condell doesn’t care for real political rights though, because that might make him appear to be an imperialist.

Addicts and General Scum.

Another reason to privatise the health-care system.

See the ANCD publication here (PDF).