Letter to Elise.

Elise Archer,

We would like to wish the Liberal party, all the State candidates, and especially you, good luck in the coming election.

As Denison residents, we have been especially pleased with the obvious, and climbing, support for the Liberals coming from South Hobart.

One criticism we do have, however, is that the Liberal party is ineffectively exposing the Greens’ illiberal, morally repugnant, and economically dangerous policies.

Perhaps the most prominent examples of this are the Greens’ aim of funding sex-change operations through Medicare, the party’s refusal to exploit virtually any natural resources under the banner of ‘preserving’ such assets for ‘future generations’, and the party’s long-term goal of pouring tax-dollars into the arts, irrespective of artists’ abilities and deliberately closed to consumer choice, while sheltering Australians from any international competition in the field.

Peg Putt should be challenged to explain why it is she supports a party which would see such policies implemented, and why Tasmanians should allow the Greens’ to get any closer to reaching their devastating long-term goals, as well as the short-term economic effects of their far-left policies.

PETA Challenges J. S. Mill's philosophy.

"We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavouring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still."

John Stuart Mill, On Liberty.


According to some, post-Soviet Russia is still a dangerous place to invest. This is especially upsetting when noting the vast oil resources that lay untapped, or inefficiently drilled.

“Nothing is ever safe in today’s Russia. The authorities can take away property whenever they like […]”

Economic interests and Egyptian culture are being ignored by the Commonwealth, following what the producers no doubt thought was a wonderful ‘exposé’ from 60 minutes.

The Irish have less serious issues concerning ‘animal welfare’- including five-pound poodle licences.

Semester one classes at the University of Tasmania start Monday. For first year students- see here. What the UTAS site doesn’t say, though, is that you should avoid walking past the Morris Miller Library, lest you have to go near Socialist Alliance supporters who congregate like zombies hunting for flesh (or various mind-altering drugs). The Socialist Alliance is packed with dodos who need to get a job and pay their way in society.

Elitist Greens, breeding Tasmanians.

Too busy to post anything special on the Tasmanian election. About the only thing I can mention is that I spotted Elise Archer shopping today, if she wasn’t so damn fast, I would have stopped her for a chat!

I was going to comment in depth on how the Greens are aiming for the youth vote with their pod casts (it was in The Mercury not long ago)- I was going to mention that it is interesting a party which moans about mass poverty and the plight of the ‘underpaid’ working class etc. etc., will rely on a $200-600 iPod to get their message across. The word ‘elitist’ comes to mind. Subsequently, the term ‘dickheads’ pops up, when I think of the things that disgusting party would do with the tax I pay (last week; a whopping $140 out of a gross $500)...

Rant aside, take a look at this in The Mercury:

Tasmanian women have an above-average birth rate -- 1.9 children for each woman of child-bearing age compared with a national rate of 1.6.

Come on Aussie, come on- catch up!

As The Mercury points out- that’s what happens when you offer a $4000 handout to anyone who breeds.

Antony Green.

Analyst Antony Green points out, in the comments section of the Tasmanian Times website (fourth post), that the ABC will be covering the election from Hobart- and it “thinks it has found enough tin cans and string to cover both [the Tas and SA] elections adequately.”

(Hopefully such coverage will not be enough to end Elise Archer's skirmish with the ABC.)

See Green's well-written and detailed site, thanks to the Tasmanian Times.

Commenter Greg Barns (I can’t confirm he is the well-known journo) points out that the O'Connor interview was actually a poorly hidden 'advertorial' (again, fourth post).

Weekbyweek takes issue with the skanky Denison Green candidate.

I can certainly say that I am upset at the prospect of having Dodo O’Connor representing me as a MHA for Denison.

Also see this. What Professor Richard Herr (from the University of Tasmania’s School of Government) called an empty threat, may be a very real possibility.

Should Gunns move offshore in the event of a hung-Parliament, or- shudder- Green Government, Tasmanian timber workers and contractors will be mightily pissed off, and Tasmanian’s will have only themselves to blame- the real owners of Gunns have every right to make such a move.

Of course, socialist-utopian visionaries like the Greens’ will fix the problem by returning ‘the factories to the workers’, so to speak. Or- more likely- the Commonwealth will take care of the unemployed at the expense of mainland tax-payers.

Outbid by the Greens. WTF?!?

The Liberals have been outbid by the Greens. Will Hodgman announced $800,000 to go towards upgrading ambulances, the Greens claimed they would give an extra $2million to the ambulance service.

This follows the poor state of healthcare being, again, exposed.

The Liberal’s offer of under a million dollars is clearly insufficient. Given the fact the price of a defibrillator is $2,000 to $4,500 (US), not to mention other assorted equipment, and Tasmania has a fleet of 105 Ambulances- the cost to fully upgrade and fit out vehicles will well-exceed the $800,000 offer- it may indeed exceed the Greens' $2million offer, noting their wage-related promises. The Liberal’s clearly can, and need to, budget much more for the Tasmanian Ambulance Service.

In other health news related to the Tasmanian election, Sue Napier (MHA, Bass) has challenged David Llewellyn to a debate:

"I'm not sure if the minister even understands the extent of the crisis in his own department, let alone have any idea what his incompetent Labor government is going to do to fix it," Ms Napier said (added to the Notable Quotes page).

In education news, Hidding is doing well- especially in his party’s attempt to address the skill shortage. Labor simply ignores the problem, while the Greens would have us important shoddy foreign doctors (if they could control immigration), or force people to study medicine under Stalinist-like force.

Denison Libs out and about.

The Tasmanian election campaign continues!

Tomorrow (February 20) the Denison Liberal team will be visiting North Hobart Businesses, while the Greens try and scrounge up some money in Bass- they’ll be at 174 Charles Street if you feel the urge to spit on them.

If you’re not in Launceston that day though, and find yourself bored, give Karen Brown a call- (03) 6236 9334, and ask her what she’s wearing, why it is your tax dollars should go towards paying for sex change operations (3.59), or why a Green Government will force school children to learn Aboriginal dialects (1.11). If you hate the Greens as much as myself, you could also put Karen’s name and number on a cubicle wall at your local pub.

Donate, or Perish.

Only a month to go until E-Day, donate what you can and help the Tasmanian Liberal Party oust the Lennonists, and beat back the threat of a Green controlled State.

If you cannot send your support in dollar form, write a letter to the editor condemning the ALP and/or Green Dodos.

The Mercury, letters to the editor via:


Your State, Your Voice- The Mercury, February 18, 2006.

I read with interest the proposed scheme by the Tasmanian Greens that would see higher income Tasmanians pay dearer traffic infringement fines than lower-income earners.

This type of scheme also seems to have the support of the Tasmanian Council of Social Service chief Mat Rowell who said in the article “TasCoss would campaign for an income-based fine and punishment system”. I thought the responsibility of groups like the Tasmanian Greens and Social Service organisations would be to support the current roar safety messages and other programs directed at the drivers on our roads.

The Greens’ scheme is not focussing on drivers within the law, but tells drivers to keep going the way they are now because you, the higher income Tasmanians, can afford any fine you may get and for you, the lower-income earners, we will reduce your fine to one you can pay.

Is this a scheme that is going to prevent accidents and save lives? I don’t think so.

We should be looking at ways to prevent these traffic infringements in the first place and not just work on a scheme of how much you can pay when you break the law.

I was taught when growing up, laws were made for a reason and if you break one of them you pay the penalty.

Tony Scott, Liberal Candidate for Franklin.

Labor Linkage.

ALP- Tasmania Branch, is here.

View the Members of the House of Assembly.

The Lennon Cabinet.

If you're going to look at ALP MHA's, start with former Miss Australia, Kat Hay. That's about all she's good for.

ALP key players: Lennon, Llewellyn, Cox, Giddings, Green, Jackson.

Liberal Linkage.

Tas Lib's site. And another.

See the Liberals' sitting members.

Key players: Hidding, Napier, Big Hodgman, Little Hodgman. Bio's on each.

Candidate Elise Archer (Denison) has gone to the trouble of setting up her own site.

See the other candidates, arranged in their electoral teams- Bass, Braddon, Denison, Franklin, Lyons.


- “I intend being the premier of Tasmania shortly after March 18,” Rene Hidding, MHA, Lyons.

- "Premier Paul Lennon has no vision and no plan." Rene Hidding, MHA, Lyons.

- “We have an exciting and visionary plan to put to the people of Tasmania during the next four weeks,” Paul Lennon, MHA, Franklin.

- “I make mistakes […]” Paul Lennon, MHA, Franklin.

- “I just love election campaigns and am rearing to go,” Michael Hodgman, MHA, Denison.

- "I'm one of the most recognisable members of the State Parliament and that's because I visit parts of my Denison electorate where most Liberals don't go." Michael Hodgman, MHA, Denison.

- “It is very unlikely Labor will get 12 seats,” Tony Hocking, EMRS.

(From The Mercury, Feb. 18, 2006)

- "I'm not sure if [David Llewellyn] even understands the extent of the crisis in his own department, let alone [has] any idea what his incompetent Labor government is going to do to fix it," Sue Napier, MHA, Bass.

(From The Mercury, Feb. 20, 2006)

- “Labor expected its good record on the economy to be its trump card, yet it does not have any traction with the public,” Dr. Richard Herr (UTAS).

(From The Mercury, Feb. 25, 2006)

- “It is unacceptable that half of our medical graduates leave the state,” Sue Napier, MHA, Bass.

- "For the Liberals to suggest -- in the middle of a $50 million redevelopment of the hospital -- that they would walk away from the site is a wasteful and ridiculous policy," Lara Giddings, MHA, Franklin.

- “Over the next four years we will make the best of what we've got,” Rene Hidding, MHA, Lyons.

(From The Mercury, Feb. 27, 2006)

- “My position is clear -- only Paul Lennon or Rene Hidding can be premier of this state after March 18,” Paul Lennon, MHA, Franklin.

(From The Mercury, Mar. 04, 2006)

Why did the Liberals lose the 2002 election?

I’ve been reading through an article ('The Tasmanian Election of 20 July 2002', Australian Journal of Political Science- email us for a PDF copy) by UTAS lecturers Marcus Haward and Tony McCall, which explains:

- Leadership challenges within the State Liberal party, since 1998, gave the image of insecurity (Bob Cheek, Denison, v. former teacher Sue Napier, Bass).

- Labor had a credible record in job creation, had developed major infrastructure projects such as Gas from Victoria and the proposed ‘Basslink’ underground power cable across Bass Strait that would allow Tasmanian’s renewable energy capacity to enter the national grid.

- Incumbent Labor threw money at the so-called ‘twin’ ferries for the Bass Strait crossing.

- The Liberal Party was simply not a credible alternative.

- The Lib’s proposition for the Southwood forestry project in Franklin was poorly managed.

For the coming election, however, Rene Hidding has secured the party leadership, Labor’s Bass Strait ferries have soaked up millions of dollars in Government money, and the Liberals are- arguably- looking much better in general. Labor’s record in job creation may indeed stand (much of which is no doubt a result of Federal policy), but Basslink has been plagued with problems. In short, there are fewer obstacles in the Liberals way, and more opportunities.

The Liberal’s can easily take much-needed seats in Franklin, if they can capitalise on the fallout from the last Federal election. That is, the ALP’s decision to screw over their Tasmanian constituents, to secure support from latté-sipping voters on the mainland. It was the Howard Government that secured a much appreciated and balanced forestry package, and even got applause from Labor’s traditional Union mates. See the bad press the deal got from the SMH, here.

Hopefully Tasmanian’s will recognise the Green’s obvious scare-mongering on environmental issues, such as Bob Brown’s claim during the last Federal election that under Howard, "Two-thirds of Tasmania's iconic forests that could be protected will go to the chainsaws […]"

The Liberal’s will easily capitalise on Labor’s general mismanagement of the state, especially the Risdon Prison project’s budget blow-out, numerous issues with unruly detainees, and the retention of Graeme Barber. Hopefully voters will remember that the Lennon Government responded to rioters in 2005 with friendly smiles and pizza.

One of the greatest problems though, is the massive support for the Green’s, and the rather good images of Peg Putt and Nick McKim.

Hopefully the Liberals can gain greater support in Franklin, by emphasising environmentally friendly projects guaranteed to bring in jobs- that is, a revitalised Southwood project.

Through such projects, the Liberals have an advantage over Labor. The potential for greater cooperation between the State and the Commonwealth with Liberals in power at both levels is massive, not to mention the funding the Howard Government will be willing to throw at the state to get a Liberal victory.

The Liberal’s need to focus on the Green’s policies, including their devotion to forcing tax payers to fund so-called gender awareness programs, and even sex change operations. Conservative or not, such a waste of money is bound to cost the Green’s votes, as is their recent back flip on the issue of drugs.

If the election game is played right, perhaps the Liberal Party can come out the winner.

Quick News with a dose of Optimism.

I can smell an election... I can taste Lennon's tears.. I can see the Green's comin' out black and blue... Bwhaa ha ha ha!

But, lacking a clear Liberal Majority in the State election, I'll accept a Green victory, in order to show just how big a disaster will result from giving any power to a bunch of enviro-dodos, and teach a valuable lesson to Green voters across the country.


Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi and George Clooney.

I don't know if anyone else sees it, but I think ol' G. Clooney (who many remember for causing the defeat of Kerry in 2004) looks like a younger version of Hamas terrorist, and homemaker, Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi. Now I'm just trying to figure out which of the two hate the Western world more...

Union clearly hates children, workers.

Bus drivers are on strike- with support from State Infrastructure Minister Bryan Green (ALP). Thankfully, it’s only a fifteen-minute walk to work for me, but dozens of parents now have to get their children to school without Metro. For many of the State’s young’ens, that’s probably a blessing, but for Tasmanian businesses (and Government departments), chances are productivity will drop- if only a little. Parents will be arriving late for work, and any employees using public transport will be forced to walk or catch a taxi.

So why the protest? Deep down, it's because the Union hates children, and workers. On top of this, there is also the issue of money. Metro bus drivers want more of the stuff, and perhaps rightly so. The folks over at the ‘Rail, Bus and Tram Union’ argue that; interstate drivers [are] paid between $19 and $25 an hour, with the current Metro rate of $16.39 well below that.

Pay rates, however, should be looked at on an individual basis, to ensure efficient and hard working employees are given greater rewards, rather than allowing consumers and the State to fork out extra cash for workers who are below standards (assuming Metro have any standards).

Still, I could accept the strike- although with much rage- if Metro were a private company dealing with their employees. But life is never so simple. Metro is a publicly owned company, and thus has a duty to the public. This includes ensuring Tasmanian children get to school, and employees get to work. If Metro employees don't like it- start your own goddamn bus company at your expense, not mine.

The Tas Lib’s said that school transport chaos could have been avoided had the State Government become more involved in the dispute earlier.

Given the public ownership of Metro, such intervention is well justified- despite Labor's claims this would have been ‘meddling’. It's odd how Labor will happily get involved in private businesses and dealings, but not with any public companies- unless to throw bags of tax-dollars at a pet project.

Thankfully the strike ends Friday.

Mohammad Will Not Limit My Free Speech.

"The individual must not merely wait and criticize, he must defend the cause the best he can. The fate of the world will be such as the world deserves."

Albert Einstein


63 Year old Harrison Ford is still willing to play Indiana (named after the family dog, remember?) Jones yet again.

No word yet on when a final script will be approved for Indiana Jones 4, but Ford is committed to making the movie.

Honest Reporting on the Danish cartoons that stirred Muslims to the point they just had to kill something:

We wonder why no similar outcry and apologies have come after viciously anti-Semitic and anti-Israel cartoons are published on an almost daily basis throughout the Arab world.

Andrew Bolt mentions UTAS! Unfortunately he’s not complimenting my wee Tasmanian University on its Antarctic research program.

Instead- Bolt points out the fallacy that is affirmative action.

He also mentions Macquarie’s demands that; "Applicants must be Aboriginal and/or a Torres Strait Islander."

Mohammad Jokes.

In honour of the events of the past week or so, which have showed Islam to be as friendly as its ever going to get- I’ve decided to produce a few of my favourite jokes- with the basic gist changed from whatever was there before, to Mohammad and his lifestyle.

Chuckle away- but be warned, some are a bit sick.

What do you do if you see Mohammad with half a face?

Stop laughing and reload.

What do you say to an Islamic Prophet with two black eyes?

Nothing Jesus hasn’t already told him twice.

Why does Mohammad like fucking twenty one year olds?

Because there’s twenty of them.

What’s the difference between Mohammad’s shaved head and a bowling ball?

You can’t pick up bowling balls with a pitch fork.

How many Islamic Prophets does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Two. One to screw the bulb and the other to suck my cock.

What does Mohammad prefer, eight year old girls or eight year old boys?

Eight year old girls. Because when he’s done fucking them like girls, he can turn them over and fuck them like boys.

More to come...

Bwha ha ha! Get buggered you intolerant sacks of shit.

"In Islam, the one who insults the messenger should be killed."

Abu Ibrahwm, of Luton (here).

No beer, no Jenny- the world of Islam.

A Western Heart recently reminded readers of the dangers of Islam.

Following the furore over the publication of 'unattractive' cartoons of Mohammad (see here), Muslims took to the street calling Europe a cancer and generally bitching. Perhaps it is just me, being a Tasmanian instilled with outdated Western traditions- but why should Europe allow anti-free speech protests from those who accept a paedophile as their Prophet?

AWH’s post also made me wonder why Westerners occasionally convert to the religion, sometimes with worrying consequences- Jack ‘Jihad Jack’ Roche and his mate David ‘lets kill infidels my daddy will protect us’ Hicks are two prominent examples that come to mind.

It’s a mystery that any modern, educated individual could see the Saudi-dominated cult of Islam as morally righteous. Aside from Islam’s instructions to clean your hands- with dirt if you must- if you touch a woman before prayer, a religion that claims Jihad as the second most import deed a Muslim can do is naturally sick. The excuse that Jihad is supposed to be an internal struggle is- of course- crap.

Furthermore, who really wants to go to Mecca at least once in their lifetime (take a look at the shit hole that is- and has been for centuries- the Middle East), abandon drinking, ensure that all women look like they’re marching off to a KKK meeting, pray five times a day- and other assorted procedures that have to be done throughout the year?

Westerners who convert to Islam should instead make tax filing their religion- we could call it Taxlam. At least then Taxlam’s adherents would fulfil a useful purpose- and if they have to sacrifice themselves in Jihad, I’m not worried at the prospect of having dozens of ATO and/or IRS buildings destroyed in a Taxlam’s struggle against oppressive income and labour theft.


Andrew Bolt is back!

See his post on Hamas.

Antony 'Crazy Ant' Loewenstein is still a dodo:

A new poll provides clarity for the Palestinian-haters […] 84% of Palestinians support a peace deal with Israel.

Forget the fact that the poll is from a PA controlled newspaper, which may or may not have surveyed only 863 West Bank and Gaza residents- this is a clear sign that; Most Palestinians want peace with their neighbours. Uh-huh...

The International Atomic Energy Agency gets off its arse:

THE UN nuclear watchdog has opened an emergency meeting at which it was expected to refer Iran to the UN Security Council over Tehran's disputed nuclear program.

Frontpage on ‘Queer’ supporters of Palestine:

Today’s example is Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT). As the name suggests, these people imagine themselves to be much more liberated and fashionable by their naughty embrace of the epithet “queer” and their incredibly selective outrage against the only nation in the Middle East that offers a shred of liberty.

World Of Warcraft, somewhere near Lake Everstill.

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible, is to go beyond them into the impossible"

Arthur C. Clarke.